Mar 26/21

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Spring feels like it is making its way to us, and we couldn't be more excited! Spring always comes with that feeling that winter is gone for another season, the sun is warmer and we start filling up our calenders with weekend plans, holidays, events and yard work. Spring is also the time for those socks to stop hiding those bare toes, those cracked heels and gives us reason to think about that pedicure! Having been in the industry spring was a busy time for pedicures, waxing, tints and lashes! The lull of January and February is over and my calender was full! Sound familiar? At Twisted Orchid we took these things into consideration when ordering our inventory. It was important to me that I try to bring in only products I had tried and loved and also from Brands that have continued to grow and improve over the years since I worked last. Pedicures were my passion! Feet are such a neglected part of our bodies yet they literally do all the grunt work for us. Your customer wants a pedicure that they can feel the difference, not just see. Footlogix won us over because of their continued work in their products. They encourage proper education. If you've done a course or class on how to do pedicures I strongly encourage you to try the footlogix pedicure line ( which we have in cute little starter kits ) . Save yourself the time and exhaustion of smoothing calluses by using a callus softener and stainless steel paddle that actually makes filing faster and EASY! Better performing products make for better pedicures because they do the work for you, you will save valueable time that could possibly mean one more service you might not have had the time to schedule before. 

Pro Tip# Using gel polish instead of regular polish on toes? Ensure your customer stays happy with their toes by applying their gel polish before they soak their feet. Remember nails are permeable and love to absorb water and take a long time to dry so adding polish before makes sure you've got the best seal between nails and polish for long lasting results. Want to see how to do a pedicure this way? Stay tuned for a Facebook Live step by step pedicure where I'll demonstrate a basic pedicure with gel polish. - Janelle 


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