What's New September 2020

Posted by Janelle Eftoda on

As we head into fall we say goodbye to a summer that never really was, but a fall that has started a promising beginning. Summer holidays are ending whatever that means for your household, and we navigate our new "normal" routines. 

Here at Twisted Orchid Supply we are excited for our first fall in our new location. We've felt support from many in our area and even a few from farther away and it has given us the continued momentum to continue growing. 

Since opening in June, we've added Footlogix Brand and are excited to continue working with the company in Toronto. They knew we were little but loved what we were doing, and really wanted to help us so made it possible for us to order what needed. 

Tuel also has been expanding in store, and with increased demand we have been blown over how popular it has come and know we need to get those shelves stocked up soon! Tuel hasn't really been advertised but proof has been in its use. Personally being a skin care professional I was impressed with the products, and have only grown my own personal collection of them as I've tried them. Come in and try some samples!

We currently are making a Dannyco order so for those who have specific requests we'd absolutely do our best to get it in if it's possible, all you have to do is ask! Basics are coming for both hair and aesthetics. 

 We just got in a few new items from Kaaral yesterday! ColorSplash is their FASHION COLOR line! Amazing colors, that can be vibrant and bright or mellow and pastel. Easy process to do on your clients.

K05 Revitea has added a tonic to their kit. So now we have the scalp scrub to clear all the impurities, the shampoo (which personally is my only shampoo) the lotion which truly works for building strong hair to grow where very weakened hair follicles may have been almost all closed up from build up, hormonal hair loss, etc. Now they've added this spray to add to wet hair to help detangle and plump and close cuticle after washing. I personally lost hair from medication and k05 was my lifesaver but more on that later. 

We are currently working on accounts with Hempz and LCN. I know many have asked for NAIL TIPS! I promise I'm not ignoring your requests, I was working on it ;) 


make sure you check it out! We've got some really cool and exciting NEW brands coming around October too, but I'll leave that for later. 

Thanks for all your support, we really appreciate it all!