About Us

Twisted Orchid Beauty Supply began as an idea for two friends, both working in the industry, one in aesthetics and the other in cosmotology. A passion and interest for both, finding that with combined experience, knowledge, and up for a big challenge, they would bring something to the Terrace area that has never been but has always been needed. It was meant to be different! We didn't want to become the same supplier as all the others, we wanted to standalone, but supply and care for the needs of the area.

We have big dreams, big goals, big ideas. We kept to one important factor and have worked hard to keep this our focus. It matters to us the cost of beauty. It matters to us who it costs. It matters to us where something is made, how it is made. It matters greatly to us who it's tested on, it is very important to us that we are not adding to the problem but helping to be part of the solution. The industry is changing, always has and always will, it's exciting to see the industry more ethical, more are taking a stand on the issue and we are seeing more alternative brands emerging that are incredible products because they've had to create in other ways. We feel a duty to be part of this change in our endeavor to be cruelty free. It's still difficult, this isn't something we hide. It can create a barrier, some resistance, to try something new when what's been has never failed. We accept this struggle, and the reality of the fact. We both work hard to test and try everything we sell, we are committed to supplying only what we ourselves would use on our own clients. In saying that we want to also make these affordable for you, we know the struggle right now, always. Beauty shouldn't cost a fortune for anyone.

So even if you're not sure about all our products we'd love to see you in the store. Come check out samples, ask questions, or pick up your basics, we've always got the staples of your business stocked and ready so you don't have to wait for your orders to come in. We want to support our community the best we can especially during these more challenging times for businesses and ask in return for yours. Thank you for your support - Janelle and Jessie