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INKredible Glow Salve

keeps your tattoo shiny and bright. For use on new but mainly old tattoos, INKredible Glow Salve works to maintain tattoo colour vibrancy and leaves skin supple and fresh. 

Amplifies the intensity of the ink

Extends tattoo lifetime

Suitable for use on all tattoos

Antiseptic properties & beeswax for ultimate moisturizing 

Paraben free, Fragrance free, Drmatologically-Tested!


Offers 2 key benefits; it promotes a quick healing process and helps to keep newly tattooed skin soft and moist.


60% fat percentage, lanolin, almond oil, dexpanthenol

Promotes faster healing 

Use 2-4 times a day for three weeks after a new tattoo

Paraben free, fragrance free, dermatologically-tested!