Kiepe 5" Scissor Ergo Anatomic ZIP BLUE


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Each scissor in the Kiepe lineup is made with the highest quality steel ranging from 420AISI INOX to 440C VG10 Steel. All Kiepe scissors are manufactured using the most modern numerical controlled machinery and then a final manual inspection to guarantee perfect functionality every time. Selected corrosion resistant stainless steels 24k gold or palladium coating (depending on the model) and anti-slip plastic coating (Nickle free) are just some other advantages that Kiepe offers

Manufacturing over 3000 scissors per day, Kiepe is always improving, looking for the latest technology, innovative materials, ergonomic models and new sharpening systems that allow us to achieve only the best for professional hair stylists. We have combined the most modern sharpening techniques (concave blades with razor sharpening diamond grinding wheels)

Our Kiepe scissors combine technique and creativity, the union of these two strengths makes Kiepe a must for every professional stylist