MG Polygel

Madam Glam

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Used to build, bring volume and shape the base of the nail. Excellent base for your gel manicure. The best replacement for acrylic nails!


  • First you need to prep your nails
  • Apply base coat and cure
  • Apply the bead of polygel in the middle of your nail
  • With a brush that has been dipped into alcohol work the polygel into the nail and create the form you want.
  • When the result is the one you wanted to achieve, cure the polygel
  • File the shape of your nail and buff it, clean the dust
  • [Optional step: apply color gel and cure]
  • Apply top coat and cure

Formula & Curing time:

  • Dusty Taffy
  • Polygel
  • 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30sec by LED

Size of the tube:  30g