Madam Glam

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Yellow - Metallic Ink Art Gel Polish

Used to create marble effect, also called smoke effect.

The Ink can be applied over Gel Nail Polish, Soak-Off Builder gel, Polygel and Acrylic nails. Our Ink will let you enhance your nail and create amazing nail designs on your nails.

Formula: Air dry ink. This is not a soak off gel.

Size of the bottle : 15 ml | 0.5fl oz

Application steps:

1. Apply base coat and cure 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED
2. Apply white color (or any other color of your choice) and cure 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED. Repeat.
3. Wipe off the tacky layer after curing the color. Use alcohol. 
4. Shake the bottle and apply metallic ink;
5. Use acetone or Clear Ink to play around with the colored inks and change the marble design.
6. Wait for design to dry completely (around 20-30 sec). Repeat the process if you want to add more smoky effect to your gel manicure.
7. Apply the top coat and cure 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED


  • You can apply a layer of base coat before applying the final top coat in order to get a longer wear
  • Inks can be easier to use on a shiny surface, so putting a layer of No wipe top coat in between the color and inks can help with certain designs.

Propylene Glycol, Urethane Dimethacrylate, 4-methylpentan-2-one, Ethyl Acetate, Pigments.