SensiDO Trillion Tones Starter Kit *


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SensiDO Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor


SensiDO Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor is a hybrid color, not just a direct dye, demi or permanent but all. SensiDO Trillion Tones is a direct dye-based PPD free hair dye that can also be used like a permanent color. With this you will be able to do all the colorings: anything from gray coverage, pastels, vibrant jewel tones, permanent lift/deposit on virgin hair, natural blonde, brunette and red shades… you name it!


The SensiDO Trillion Tones concept is a compact color line that gives every hairdresser the ability to break traditional boundary fences. The color line includes five intense colors, five pastel colors and white, combining which you can create trillions of colors and shades for treated, untreated and even gray hair. SensiDO Trillion Tones challenges hairdressers worldwide to create the finest of colorings!


Vegan – Cruelty free – Gluten free


Kit includes:


Direct dyes (6 pcs)
Blue: intense 250ml
Red: intense 250ml
Yellow: intense 250ml
Brown: intense 250ml
Black: intense 250ml
White: 1000 ml


/0 1000ml


Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1000ml


229 EUR + 24 % VAT if applicable


How does this product work?

Three major components are direct pigments, alkaline and developers. With direct dyes you can easily and quickly create trillions of different shades of color, with only imagination as a limit. Alkaline helps pigments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, ammonia boosts the lightening process by acting as a catalyst when mixed with hydrogen peroxide (developer). Developer causes oxidation; the released oxygen lightens the natural melanin pigment and also creates longer lasting color.


Mixing ratio (when using Color + Alkaline + Developer) 1: 1: 1
Mixture order: color (A) + alkaline (B) + developer ©
Processing time: 30 minutes. The color can also be used as a direct dye without alkaline and developer, with a 20 minute processing time.