Detoxifying Body Contouring Treatment

The Body Contouring Treatment is a compression wrap done with plastic wrap and Tuel Body Products to bring circulation to areas that have a buildup of waste and need more stimulation. This treatment is designed to rid the body of toxins and lose inches.

Generally this is something clients want for immediate results, for example, a wedding or class reunion. You can do two to three wraps a week and get some profound changes in just a short time. This service is best when done in a series and is supported by our home care products with your professional guidance.

Mix your product

Stir 1 to 1.5 ounces of Wrapping Cream, 3 pumps of Intensify and 5 drops of Relax Essential Oil into a small bowl. If your client has never had a Body Wrap Treatment, leave out Intensify for the first one. You may increase the Intensify as they build a tolerance to the niacinamide.



With gloves on, apply a thin layer of the mixture to the body, covering legs, stomach, back and upper arms. Gently knuckle areas with cellulite, then remove gloves.


Using plastic wrap, start at the waist and loosely wrap down to upper thigh, back up to ribs and over shoulders. Tear wrap from roll. To separate the legs, cut the plastic from the back of the upper thigh straight up the middle to the tailbone. Do the same in the front, cutting up to the groin area, and cut a small V at the base following the bikini line.

Have the client stand with legs shoulder width apart. At one hip, have them hold plastic wrap. Go from hip between the front of legs and up the buttock. Repeat, and continue to wrap down the leg to ankle. Tear wrap from roll.

Continue Wrapping

Repeat a couple of times, then wrap down the leg and end at the ankle. Tear wrap from roll. Be sure to have clients bend their legs slightly to keep the plastic wrap from cutting off circulation at the knee. Repeat procedure on other side: hip, buttock and leg.

Start a new section. Begin at the inner thigh and wrap from front to back. Do 3 times and continue down the leg to the ankle. Repeat procedure on other leg.

Have the client bring legs together and wrap the waist, buttocks, thighs and ribs. Then loosely wrap the bust area and top of each arm.


Lie the client down on a massage table and place support under their knees. If breathing is constricted, cut wrap a few inches above the sternum area.

If this is clients’ first wrap, stay in the room with them. It usually takes one wrap to get used to the feeling of the wrap. After that, it is actually very relaxing. Be sure to tuck them in to make them cozy. Client will marinate for 30 minutes. This is a good time to massage their feet and/or hands.

Remove wrap

Cut them out of the wrap and rub in any excess product. Leave cream on—do not rinse off. Showering is not necessary. Help them sit up and offer a glass of water. Be sure to send them home with Shape Shifter for daily home use to help them achieve faster results.