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Milky White - Soak-Off Builder in Jar

The soak off builder gel is soft and flexible at the same time, it increases the nail's flexibility which means that nails are less likely to break. Plus your manicure will last longer. 

Formula & Curing time:

  • Milky White - Sheer
  • Comes in Jar - easy to take out the material with an application brush
  • Thickness of the formula is normal
  • A high self-leveling formula which ensure a smooth foundation layer
  • Can be used to encapsulate nail art products (flakes, glitters, dried flowers, etc)
  • 4 minutes by UV Lamp, 3 minutes by LED - 30 seconds in pro LED lamp

Size of the jar: 15 ml | 0.5 oz

How to apply builders for strengthening your nails:  

  • Apply base coat and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. 
  • Apply a thin layer of builder gel and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. 
  • You can apply a soak off gel color of your choice and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. 
  • Final step: apply one layer of top coat and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. 

How to apply builders to create nail extensions (you will need paper nail forms):

  • Clean and prep your nails.
  • Apply one layer of regular base coat gel and cure for 30 seconds under the UV/LED lamp. 
  • Fix the paper nail form to your finger.
  • Apply one thin layer of soak-off builder gel polish. Don’t cure, you need this layer to remain wet.
  • You can now start building your nail.  Take a small amount of builder gel polish and start applying it in a circular motion towards the free edge and spread it over the entire nail.
  • Allow the product to level out. Turn the hand upside down and make sure that the builder gel polish stays in the centre of the nail. 
  • Remove the sticky layer.
  • File for perfection - use a 180 grit file.
  • You can apply Top Coat Gel Polish and leave the natural builder shade or apply a Soak-Off Gel Polish color on top.
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