Power Peel Gel


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Customer Reviews

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Bunnie McBryan

Absolutely love it

Janelle Eftoda
Holy smoothness

Just started to try this, and wow! Impressed! One treatment overnight and what a difference! My skin is soft and any flaking I had- gone! The key is to use at night, apply after washing your face, let it dry then apply hydration. Don’t use this with any other acid type product, stick to serums for hydration and moisturizer on nights you apply this. Using sunscreen for your face should be every morning of course but definitely good idea after using this product.

Don’t be caught with dead skin. Power Peel is not for the faint of heart. It is serious skincare designed to uncover and reveal radiant skin. This glycolic acid gel is perfectly balanced with alpha hydroxy acid to refine skin’s surface and promote cell turnover, while aloe vera benefits the skin by providing soothing moisture and protection from further damage. Bring your skin to life.

Retails $49

What it does:
• Dissolves dead skin and build-up
• Reveals brighter, fresher, more radiant skin
• Smooths, softens, and refines skin texture